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About us

This is our story of how one day we decided to sell our house, quit our jobs and go on a motorhome adventure.  We want to wake up in a different place nearly every day and open our door to beautiful scenery and fresh air. That's the dream anyway.
This blog is about that journey. From buying our motorhome, preparing to leave on our adventure and the reality of living in a motorhome full time. We can't wait to see whether the reality lives up to the dream!
David Brice

David in Granada, Spain.

David- Retired lecturer in Travel and Tourism. I insisted on taking my acoustic guitar with me on our travels. (I need to keep practicing!) I love adventure having previously been a hang glider pilot, and drummer in several rock bands!
Anne - Worked in the NHS as a midwife for 41 years. Passionate about all things travel and the desire to explore. Chief packer and organiser.
Anne at the Briksdal Glacier in Norway.

Anne at the Briksdal Glacier in Norway.