Our motorhome

How to live in a motorhome fulltime

As we approach our one year anniversary of living fulltime in our motorhome I thought it would be good to reflect on how we feel now, what we have learnt and our experience of living in a motorhome. In the last 12 months we have visited 10 countries and covered 12,000 miles. Along our journey we have seen many fantastic places and loved every minute. It's a life experience that I think more people should try and do when they…
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Spain in our motorhome

Motorhome adventure – Missing Bonfire night but it was 27C

As I write this blog article about our motorhome adventure the weather here in Spain is sunny but windy, and I'm told that the rain we have had overnight is the first since August.  Since my last blog we have flown back to the UK to see our new first grandchild. I stayed two days and Anne stayed 10 nights, so that Anne could offer her services as a post natal midwife. I could only stay 2 days because our…
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