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A Motorhome Adventure at Lake Titisee in the Black Forest

Lake Titisee is one of the most popular destinations in the Black Forest, Germany. It is a natural lake that was formed by a glacier during the ice age, and it has crystal clear water and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It is also a great place to visit with a motorhome, as there are many campsites and attractions nearby. Here are some of the highlights of our motorhome trip to Lake Titisee, where headed after our fabulous to trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Lake Titisee in The Black Forest, Germany.

Camping on the lake

We stayed at Camping Sandbank, a lovely campsite that is right on the shore of the lake. The pitches are spacious and grassy, and some of them have direct access to the water. The facilities are modern and clean, and there is a restaurant, and a shop on site. We enjoyed swimming in the surprisingly warm lake and kayaking in our inflatable kayak that we took with us in our motorhome. There are plenty of walking and cycling trails around the lake and a good wide path direct from the campsite to the town, which takes about 15 minutes by bike. The campsite also offers free use of a car to go shopping in the nearby town of Titisee-Neustadt, which we thought was a very nice touch.

Our motorhome with a great view of Lake Titisee

Exploring the town

Titisee-Neustadt looks to be a newish town that attracts a lot of daytime visitors The town is full of shops, cafes, restaurants, and you can also take a short pleasure cruise around the lake or hire a small motor boat to explore the lake.  The best part about Lake Titisee though is the natural beauty of The Black Forest area and its many walking and cycling trails. There are several shops selling cuckoo clocks. It was interesting to look but we didn’t buy. The most expensive cuckoo clock we saw was 7,800 euros, as you can see from the photo below.

A giant cuckoo clock for 7,800 euros!

Hiking in The Black Forest

We loved the walk around Lake Titisee. The path starts from the campsite and we picked up some sandwiches in the town before heading off along the trail through the forest. There are ancient trees and we saw red squirrels along the way. There are several paths around the lake that we found a little confusing at times but we did make it around, despite two German ladies sending us down the wrong path!

If you are feeling adventurous, and energetic,  one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Black Forest is to hike on the Schluchtensteig, a long-distance trail that passes through seven gorges and several waterfalls. The trail is 120 kilometers long and divided into six stages. The hike is very challenging but rewarding. That wasn’t for us this time!

Hiking in The Black Forest

Kayaking on Lake Titisee

Last summer, we bought ourselves an inflatable kayak, and we were excited to use it on the lake. It’s perfect for water sports because the lake is not too big and it’s mostly used by sailing dinghies, paddle boarders and kayakers. It was only a short walk to the edge of the lake and there was a perfect area from which to launch a kayak, without too many onlookers to watch us make a fool out of ourselves as we try to get in and out of the kayak!

A selfie on Lake Titisee!
Our kayak on Lake Titisee

Our thoughts about Lake Titisee

We loved our motorhome trip to Lake Titisee. We loved the combination of nature, culture, and adventure that the Black Forest offers. We also appreciated the convenience and comfort of our motorhome, which allowed us to explore at our own pace and enjoy the freedom of camping. We hadn’t met any British motorhomers on our motorhome trip to Germany in 10 days of travelling but at Lake Titisee a lovely couple (fellow northerners) parked up next to us and we enjoyed a couple of nice evenings together.

If you are looking for a memorable motorhome trip in Germany, we highly recommend Lake Titisee.

Lake Titisee

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