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France tomorrow – Without our motorhome, and a weight issue!

I’m writing this blog article whilst sitting in our temporary accommodation on the last day before our exciting holiday to Provence in France tomorrow. This is a planned holiday that we booked before deciding to buy a motorhome to tour Europe so it will be an opportunity for us to relax a bit before heading off to Scotland and then back to France again in September when our touring begins.

It’s great not having to think about work anymore. My mind is occupied with planning for our French holiday and also thinking about how we are going to fit all our stuff in our motorhome, and whether we have too much weight. A few weeks ago we made a pile of things that we wanted to take with us on our travels. Clothes, kitchen ‘stuff’, BBQ, chairs, camping table, cameras, bedding, gadgets, and many other things. We have since then gone through this pile twice to try and reduce the amount of things we are taking with us and the pile still looks too big! I’m having a mini panic about this and keep trying to convince myself that this will fit in our motorhome. There has been a couple of minor disputes with Anne, who thinks it will all fit in. Her  role is the chief organiser and packer, so I can blame her if it all won’t fit in!

Will this fit in our motorhome?

We have hired a van to take our belongings to the motorhome dealer in Kendal, Cumbria and I can’t wait to see their faces when we rock up with our van full of stuff. Our motorhome has a payload of 522kg but we have had extras fitted such as an additional 11kg gas cylinder, and leisure battery that weighs about 30kg. so we should have enough spare payload to stay legal hopefully! For the non motor-homers amongst you “payload” is the maximum legal weight a vehicle can carry.

So, our motorhome is still sitting at the dealers waiting for us to pick it up on the 15 August after our holiday. It seems ages ago that we decided to spend a year touring Europe in a motorhome but the start of our adventure is very close now and then the fun really begins!





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