Norway in our motorhome

Geiranger ferry and the awesome fjord.

Geiranger fjord is one of Norway’s most visited attractions so after two nights at  the very good  campsite Geirangerfjorden Feriesenter, (coordinates N62 6 54″, E7 11 6″) we drove a mile down the road to Geiranger village itself to catch the Geiranger ferry to Hellesylt, a journey of one hour.

Before boarding the ferry we paid a visit to the Joker supermarket to buy more milk and a few other groceries. After a bill of £31.70 for 9 items it was obvious why the supermarket was called Joker! Just for the record a litre of milk cost £1.75, a carton of orange juice cost £2.03, a box of muesli cost £2.76 and five Norwegian fish cakes cost £5.07.

Taking our motorhome on the Geiranger ferry with a cruise ship approaching.

There are some things in life that you just have to do and catching the ferry with our motorhome along the famous Geiranger fjord is one of those things! Another must do is to take your motorhome on the famous Trollstiggen mountain road. The cost to take our motorhome on the Geiranger ferry was just over £105 (6-10 metre category), expensive but well worth it.  It’s difficult to put into words just how awesome the Geiranger fjord is and photographs don’t do it justice, but I’ll post some here anyway. Sheer rock faces and an endless number of waterfalls, including the famous Seven Sisters and Storseterfossen, seem so close that you could reach out and touch them. The ferry, to me, was an excellent alternative to taking a cruise costing many times more than the ferry cost.

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Geiranger taken from the Geiranger ferry.

Hellesylt and the tsunami threat

The Geiranger ferry takes you to the small town of Hellesylt and the first thing that greeted us was the huge Hellesylt waterfall full of crystal clear  water. Hellesylt itself has been featured on the TV series ‘Coast‘ and is located on one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, Storfjorden. The 900  metre high Aknesfjallet looks like any other mountain but along the mountain side runs a 700 metre crack, and it’s growing by 15cm every year. This crack makes the mountain so unstable that the whole mountain will eventually slide into the 300 metre deep fjord below triggering an 80 metre high tsunami. Several towns will be destroyed, which is why the mountain is one of Norway’s most monitored area’s. Residents and tourists will be sent an SMS within 72 hours of the mountains collapse. Best not hang around too long then!

I made a short video, below, of our Geiranger ferry journey.

Beautiful Geiranger fjord in Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Geiranger fjord, Norway

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