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How to create a motorhome tour using AI

You can create a motorhome tour itinerary using my AI Chatbot on my blog with a few simple questions. It’s not yet perfect but I think you will be amazed just how powerful this is. I decided to ask my Chatbot to create an itinerary for a 10 night coastal tour of Brittany in France. The following text is a copy of the conversation!

My question: Create a motorhome itinerary for a 10-day tour of Brittany, France. Include places to stay including campsites and Aires. Include the best tourist attractions to see on the route.

AI Answer: Hello. I can help you create a motorhome itinerary for a 10-day tour of Brittany, France.

Brittany is a beautiful region with many attractions, such as beaches, islands, castles, historic towns and cultural sites

Some of the best places to visit are Vannes, Quiberon, Locronan, Saint-Malo, Quimper, Rochefort-en-Terre, Saint Cado and the Carnac Stones.

You can also find campsites and Aires along your route using websites like Camperstop.com or Freeontour.com.

To help me create a more personalized itinerary for you, please answer these questions:

  • Where do you prefer to start and end your tour?
  • What are your main interests or preferences for your trip?
  • Do you have any budget or time constraints?

My question: I would like to start in St Malo and end in Vannes. I want to follow the coast and see beautiful scenery and pretty villages and towns. There is no budget and I want to stay for 10 nights.

AI answer: Thank you for your reply. I have created a tentative motorhome itinerary for you based on your preferences.

  • You can start your tour in St Malo, a fortified port town with a rich history and a lively atmosphere. You can visit the old town, the ramparts, the castle and the cathedral. You can also enjoy the beach, the aquarium and the local cuisine.
  • From St Malo, you can follow the coast to Cap Fréhel, a stunning headland with cliffs, moors and lighthouses. You can hike along the coastal path, admire the views and spot some wildlife.
  • Next, you can continue to Paimpol, a charming fishing town with a marina, a museum and a historic abbey. You can also take a boat trip to Île de Bréhat, a car-free island with flowers, gardens and beaches.
  • After Paimpol, you can head to Perros-Guirec, a seaside resort on the Pink Granite Coast. You can explore the unusual rock formations, relax on the sandy beaches or visit the bird sanctuary on Île aux Oiseaux.
  • From Perros-Guirec, you can drive to Morlaix, a town with a medieval centre, a viaduct and a harbor. You can also visit some nearby attractions, such as Château du Taureau a 16th-century fortress on an island, or Cairn de Barnenez, an ancient megalithic monument.
  • Next, you can head to Brest, a naval city with a maritime museum, a castle and an oceanarium. You can also visit Pointe Saint-Mathieu, a scenic spot with a lighthouse, an abbey and a memorial.
  • From Brest, you can follow the coast to Crozon Peninsula, a wild and beautiful area with cliffs, coves and beaches. You can hike, bike or kayak around the peninsula or visit some villages like Camaret-sur-Mer or Morgat.
  • After Crozon Peninsula, you can continue to Quimper, a historic town on the Odet River. You can visit the cathedral, the old town, the museums and the pottery shops. You can also sample some local specialties like crêpes or cider.
  • Next, you can head to Carnac , a town famous for its megalithic sites. You can see thousands of standing stones arranged in rows or circles dating back to prehistoric times. You can also enjoy some beach activities or visit some nearby towns like La Trinité-sur-Mer or Auray.
  • Finally, you can end your tour in Vannes , a medieval city with ramparts, gardens and half-timbered houses. You can explore the old town, the port and the market. You can also take a boat trip to Île aux Moines or Île d’Arz.
  • This itinerary covers about 642 km (399 miles) of coastal road in Brittany. It includes some of the best places to see beautiful scenery and pretty villages and towns. It also allows you to stay for 10 nights along your route.

I hope this itinerary meets your expectations. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

My question: What are the best places to stay with a camper van on this route?

AI answer: There are many options for staying with a camper van on this route. You can choose from campsites, Aires or wild camping spots depending on your preferences and availability.

Some of the campsites that you can consider are:

  • You can park your motorhome or camper van in a designated area such as Aire de Camping-Car Les Ilots or Parking Relais Paul Feval. These areas offer basic facilities such as water, electricity and toilets. They are also close to the beach, shops and public transport
  • Camping du Letty near Quimper, a seaside site with a lagoon, a pool and a spa.
  • Camping de la Plage near Carnac, a beachfront site with a water park and a playground.

Some of the Aires that you can consider are:

  • Mesquer Aire near Paimpol, a low-cost site with electricity and water.
  • Quiberon Aire near Crozon Peninsula, a large site by the coast with stunning views.
  • Vannes Aire near Vannes, a city site with access to shops and attractions.

Some of the wild camping spots that you can consider are:

  • Pointe du Raz near Cap Fréhel, a scenic spot with cliffs and lighthouses.
  • Île aux Oiseaux near Perros-Guirec, a bird sanctuary island with rock formations.
  • Pointe Saint-Mathieu near Brest, a historic spot with an abbey and a memorial.

I hope this helps you find some suitable places to stay with your camper van. If you need more information or have any questions, please let me know.

What did I think of the results?

I was a travel agent for 15 years and I spent a long time creating itineraries. In my opinion the results of this itinerary were exceptional. Yes, it’s not perfect, in a professional sense, but it certainly gives you a lot of ideas on an itinerary and is a great basis to do more research. The AI Chatbot also generated external links to other websites so that more research could be carried out. I deleted these to make the text tidier.

How to access the AI Chatbot?

Just click the icon in the bottom right of this motorhome blog. Give it a go and have some fun with it. Leave a comment with your opinion, but remember this is just the start of AI Chatbots and they are sure to become better as time goes on.

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One response to “How to create a motorhome tour using AI”

  1. David Brice avatar
    David Brice

    I asked my AI another question and the answer was impressive.

    Create an itinerary for a 7 night motorhome tour of Orkney. Include places of interest and give me details of where to stay.

    The AI Chatbot answer was –

    Sure, I’d be happy to help you plan your 7-night motorhome tour of Orkney! Here’s a suggested itinerary with places of interest and recommended campsites:
    Day 1: Arrival in Orkney

    Pick up your motorhome rental and head to your first campsite: The Orkney Caravan Park in Kirkwall. This site is conveniently located near the town center and has all the amenities you’ll need for your stay.

    Day 2: Kirkwall and the East Mainland

    Explore the historic town of Kirkwall, including the St. Magnus Cathedral and the Orkney Museum.
    Drive to the East Mainland and visit the Italian Chapel, a beautiful church built by Italian prisoners of war during World War II.
    Stay overnight at the Ayre’s Rock Hostel and Campsite in Deerness, which offers stunning views of the coastline.

    Day 3: The South Isles

    Take a ferry to the South Isles and visit the Tomb of the Eagles, a Neolithic chambered tomb.
    Explore the beautiful beaches and cliffs of South Ronaldsay.
    Stay overnight at the Sandside Bay campsite, which is located right on the beach.

    Day 4: The West Mainland

    Visit the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar, two of Orkney’s most famous Neolithic sites.
    Explore the village of Stromness, which has a rich maritime history.
    Stay overnight at the Birsay Outdoor Centre, which offers stunning views of the Brough of Birsay and the surrounding coastline.

    Day 5: The North Isles

    Take a ferry to the North Isles and visit the Broch of Gurness, a well-preserved Iron Age broch.
    Explore the island of Westray, which has beautiful beaches and a thriving arts community.
    Stay overnight at the Pierowall Hotel and Hostel, which is located in the heart of the village of Pierowall.

    Day 6: The North Isles

    Visit the island of Papa Westray, which has a rich history and beautiful scenery.
    Take a guided tour of the Knap of Howar, a well-preserved Neolithic farmstead.
    Stay overnight at the Holland House B&B and Campsite, which is located in the village of Pierowall.

    Day 7: Return to Kirkwall

    Return to Kirkwall and visit the Earl’s Palace and the Bishop’s Palace.
    Return your motorhome rental and stay overnight at the Orkney Caravan Park in Kirkwall.

    I hope this itinerary helps you plan your motorhome tour of Orkney! Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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