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Essential Motorhome Guidebooks for Your Next Adventure

We have given away a lot of our books in preparation for selling our house and going on our motorhome tour of Europe, but guess what? We have bought a lot of maps, motorhome guidebooks, French Aire motorhome stopover books and motorhome campsite books to replace the ones we have just got rid of!

How many do we really need? Here is a list of what we have got so far.

Camping card ACSI

Camping card ACSI
We think the ACSI card is essential and good value.

This is a discount card that entitles you to up to 50% discount on 3319 campsites In Europe in the off season. Prices range from 11 Euro to 19 Euro per night. We are not leaving the UK until late September so we will only get 3 months use out of it until we have to renew it for 2018. Is it worth it? Well, it was only about 16.95 Euros and they send you two nice books with all the campsites in and you also get an app to use online. Click here for more info about ACSI Camping Card

All the Aires France by Vicarious

All the Aires, France by Vicarious
We wouldn’t be without All the Aires, France by Vicarious

I didn’t know this until recently but France is well known for its free or nearly free motorhome stops. They can be found in or near to most villages, towns and cities in France. The idea is that motor homers are allowed to stop for the night and that they use the local shops and amenities in return. A great idea! Click here for more information about All the Aires, France books

Camperstop Europe from Vicarious books

Camperstop Europe motorhome guidebooks
Camperstop Europe

This book has an amazing 9651 camperstops in 27 countries. Europe seems to be full of campsites and we could be on tour for years at this rate! This book looks awesome and many of the motorhome stops listed look to be in very scenic locations.

The rough guide to Europe on a budget

Rough guide to Europe on a budget

A great book for researching the best places to visit on your journey. Full of useful facts and information about how to live on a budget whilst travelling in Europe. Not just for motor-homers but useful for backpackers too. Hopefully a good book to help us plan where to go.

Caravan and Motorhome Club. We have joined the Caravan and Motorhome Club. I hope that this isn’t overkill! We probably have enough campsite books already and we don’t want to overload our truck with books and maps. (We have to think of the maximum payload!) Anyway, I paid my £49 annual subscription and I was sent a very nice pack of information. I just booked a motorhome pitch in Cheshire that was featured in the book but I was directed to the campsite website to book. There was no discount!

Motorhome maps

Maps for motorhome trips in Europe

I have always loved maps. In the age of satnav we still need maps because they give you a bigger perspective on an area and help in the planning of a journey. This is a photo I took of just a few of the maps we have.





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