Spain in our motorhome

Motorhome insurance and party girl on a baggage carousel.

Motorhome Insurance One subject that appears regularly on motorhome forums is whether it is possible to obtain motorhome insurance when you want to leave your motorhome in Spain and fly back to the UK. When we wanted to fly back to the UK from Alicante in Spain for a few days we rang several car parking companies at Alicante airport to ask about security so that we could satisfy ourselves that our motorhome would be safe and secure. Once we…
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Our motorhome

Motorhome insurance – A bit of a nightmare.

As an ex insurance underwriter and insurance claims handler I know a thing or two about risk and how insurance companies operate, so when I started calling some specialist motorhome insurance brokers I was surprised about how difficult this was going to be. Nowadays, insurance underwriters don't think for themselves because all they do is enter information into a computer system and that computer says yes or no and provides the cost. There is no flexibility built-in so if you…
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