England in our motorhome

Our 1st motorhome adventure of 2022

Our first motorhome trip of the new year is always a good one, and also an important one! We never leave our motorhome too long unused. Motorhomes are expensive vehicles and they need to be used frequently to get the value from them. Also, tyres and engines need to be used otherwise they degrade and you can also get battery problems. It's also a good idea to check that everything works before taking your motorhome on a longer journey. So,…
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Travel and Tourism

Corona virus – Have we got the travel rules wrong?

I feel very sorry for anyone involved in the travel industry during the corona virus pandemic. Just as the travel industry starts to get back on its feet the government introduces new quarantine rules for anyone returning from France, The Netherlands and Malta. What I can't understand though is why they introduced the new rules at such short notice, leading to a mass scramble to return from holiday from these countries. The UK government also advised against all but essential…
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