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Inspiration for motorhome destinations

Are you looking for ideas for your next motorhome destinations? With campsites in the UK opening again after the Coronavirus crisis and many European countries opening their borders again it feels like nearly every motorhome owner is getting ready to get back on the road. We last used our motorhome in March when we visited Burrs Country Park near Bury and we should be in Europe now, but that’s now been delayed until September.

We have visited our motorhome in storage a couple of times and even took a picnic once so we could imagine we were out on the road! The even more exciting news is that we have 4 nights booked away in our motorhome next week. Four nights in the, hopefully, sunny northwest of England is not the same at the west coast of France but it’s a welcome start and it’s a chance to check that our motorhome is working as it should before we head off to France in September.

It’s time for a motorhome service

Next week we have our motorhome booked in for a service and habitation check. We are also having a spare wheel fitted underneath the vehicle. It has worried me since we bought our motorhome that it didn’t come with a spare wheel. Although we have never had the misfortune of a puncture I don’t fancy being stranded by the roadside because of a puncture and only a tire repair kit to help us!

The places we have visited in our motorhome

We have visited hundreds of destinations in our motorhome. Visiting so many places would not have been possible without a motorhome. I created a 5 minute video of 92 of the best destination we have visited.

Our motorhome destinations






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