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Resigned my job to live in a motorhome!

I have resigned my job to live in a motorhome! That sounds more drastic than it really is because it’s only going to be for 6 months or so. I have never handed in a notice of job resignation before so Friday was a first for me. I resigned my job as a teacher and gave a minimum of 3 months notice. My meeting with my manager was tinged with sadness but it was also very liberating. All my colleagues were envious as they said that they dreamed of doing something similar.

Most people have dreams of what they want out of life. After 44 years of hard work I have decided that I am still fit and healthy enough to have an adventure and now is that time.

Achieving our dreams is often very difficult but as long as you have a realistic dream then it’s possible to achieve that dream. The hard bit is having the strength of character to break out of your comfort zone and take a calculated leap of faith. There will always be unknowns that can happen that knock you back but you can learn from that experience.

If we all learn from our mistakes then why not make more!

So, the planning for our trip starts now but first we have to sell some of our belongings so that we don’t have too much in storage. That is going to be a massive job because it’s amazing how much we all buy. We have been fairly materialistic and we now need to be minimalist! We are all brainwashed into thinking that we need something when we probably don’t actually need it. Consumerism is promoted by banks and governments as a way of generating tax and profits for big business. This is how many people get into debt.

Moving out to live in a motorhome.
Putting our important personal possessions into storage.

A recent report said that household debt is now at an all time high of £13,000 even before mortgages are taken into account. 

Touring Europe in a motorhome will mean that we need to live a minimalist lifestyle because we won’t have anywhere to store anything. I think that we will adapt well to that and focus more on the moment rather than a piece of furniture or the latest electronic gadget.

Let the planning continue!

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