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Breaking out of your comfort zone to live in a motorhome full time

Our travel planning for our tour of Europe and living in a motorhome full time is in full swing. Our house is sold and we are just waiting for a completion date. It’s a big step but one which we are very excited about. We will be on a tour of Scotland in August before heading to France in September.

touring in our motorhome full time
Touring full time in our motorhome

When we tell people of our plans they all say that it’s an amazing thing to do and that we are brave to do it. It’s not brave in my view. The fact is that we are only 2 hours by plane away from home so we can be back very quickly if needed. From time to time we have to remind ourselves why we are going off for a year, maybe longer, but the reasons for going on this adventure are still the same.

Benefits of living in a motorhome full time

I recently saw a report that said this about travelling as you get older:

Travel during retirement can be much more than just an enjoyable activity. Travel and its associated activities have been linked to healthy aging – boosting physical, cognitive and social benefits. Those who travel tend to be more active, and research shows that older adults who are physically active have lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancers, and a reduced risk of falling in later life“.

These health benefits are on top of the fact that we will be seeing awe inspiring places and experiencing different cultures. There will be mountains, lakes, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, sea views, rolling hills, busy cities and quaint villages as well as the history!

To do this we will be giving up many home comforts such as TV, unlimited running water and deep baths in our new bathroom with  underfloor heating, reliable internet and a spacious house that has all the comforts of modern life.

When I walk out in the evening I see people watching TV and sitting on their sofas but I would rather see every full moon and see the stars in a true dark sky. We can’t take things for granted such as water and electricity. We will use these things sparingly and we won’t buy as much stuff in future.

You don’t have to own something for it to add value to your life and why should we stay in the same place all our lives?

I came across this excellent video on You Tube called “Everybody dies, But not everybody lives”. I think the message in the video is very true.

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