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Perfect motorhome touring in Sweden

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Our motorhome is parked up for the night on the Swedish coast in a sleepy village called Stocka. (N61°53’55”  E17°21’16.3″). Touring in Sweden is wonderful.

Our motorhome stop at Stocka, Sweden.
Our motorhome stop at Stocka, Sweden.

To our east is the Gulf of Bothnia, and this place has red coloured wooden houses with verandas overlooking the sea. How lucky are the people who live here!

We have met many very friendly people on this motorhome trip. This morning we met Andy who came to our motorhome to introduce himself and we swapped interesting stories about where we had been and where we were heading. We also were chatting to a biker German man and his new wife, who were eager to chat to us about where they had visited in England.

Touring in Sweden with our motorhome
Driving our motorhome north on the E4 in Sweden.

The days are long here and the light woke me at 4.30am. After breakfast we drove north up the E4 to our overnight motorhome stop, a distance of 180 miles. The landscape was fairly flat but with lots of huge lakes and millions of trees. Many of the picnic stops along the way look out over lakes and make a wonderful place to stop. Totally different to the picnic stops you might find on the M1!

Sweden motorhome tour
Parked by a lake on our Sweden motorhome tour

Touring in Sweden

The motorhome life is proving to be just as we had hoped on this trip. It’s the option to stop in remote places with views that no hotel can offer that is so appealing: not that there are any hotels near here.

Sweden is very laid back. The person responsible for collecting the £10 fee for the motorhome stopover is a lovely lady called Marianne. Her English was very good and she told us that she had been living in this place for 50 years and the community was once well known for ships coming into the harbour to fill up with timber from the nearby mill. A house just along the road was selling fresh fish and there is an honesty box to pay. This place is a world away from the traffic congested cities we are used to in England. Read more about Stocka motorhome parking here

Tomorrow we head further north touring in Sweden heading in a few days time for Trondheim in Norway.

David Brice in Sweden
A selfie at one of the many picnic stops on the E4

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