France in our motorhome

Canoeing the Dronne from Brantome

Perigueux in The Dordogne is well worth a visit. The motorhome aire is on the River L’Isle and only about 500 metres from the beautiful town centre. It costs only €6.61 to park a motorhome for 24 hours. We arrived at about 1pm, spent a few hours walking around the old town and left the following morning. That’s what we like about motorhome touring. Short drive, a few hours exploring, stay a night and move on.

We haven’t seen many Brits on this trip but we bumped into a friendly couple, Debbie and Andy, who had just started an exciting 6 month motorhome trip. It’s always good to exchange stories about motorhome adventures when you meet other motorhomers.

After one night in Perigueux we drove the short distance north to the pretty town of Brantome to meet up with our friends Lynne and Mark for 3 nights.

Our Brantome canoe adventure

The canoe chute over a weir in Brantome.

What could possibly go wrong I said as we agreed to a 12km canoe journey down the River Dronne. Brantome Canoe offer a 4km, 12 km or a 20 km canoe trip. Opting for the 12km one and parting with €30 we were given life jackets, no safety briefing and shown to our bright yellow canoe. At least if we capsize I said we can be easily spotted!

Brantome Abbey, France

The 12km canoe journey involved us having to negotiate 8 weirs and a metal chute. Miraculously we didn’t capsize although we did have a collision with a few trees, with me complaining that my paddle wouldn’t work. A poor workman blames his tools!

After an enjoyable 3.5 hour journey we arrived at the pretty village of Bourdeilles and I must admit that I was pleased to get out of the canoe and stand up straight after being bent at 90° for so long. It was a brilliant experience though and I would highly recommend a canoe trip in France.

The canoe company picked us up and loaded the canoes on the van. The drive back took 15 minutes and the beer afterwards was like nectar.

Where to stay in Brantome

The motorhome aire at Brantome

The motorhome aire at Brantome is very good. It’s right next to the town and very picturesque, although there are only about 4 electric plug in points. There are 2 drive over waste drains and the only gripe I have is that at the toilet emptying point you have to pay for water, although drinking water is free!

Beautiful Brantome in France

Brantome in France

A pretty street in Brantome, France

A sculpture in Brantome

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  • 30th June 2019 at 10:23 pm

    Ah, I remember visiting there about 12 years ago and my son and other half canoeing around the island

    • 30th June 2019 at 10:28 pm

      A very pretty place. Time to go back and do it again!

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