Minimalist lifestyle

Sold house and quit jobs for touring in a motorhome.

It’s been an eventful few weeks. Our house sale completed, we have both left our jobs and we no longer have a house! That sounds pretty drastic but it does not feel quite so bad to us. Our house sale went smoothly and we said goodbye to our neighbours and moved a mile down the road to our temporary accommodation.

The removal company came to put our possessions into storage

We are in limbo, I suppose, because we are living for 3 weeks in a very nice Airbnb before going on a pre-planned holiday to Provence in France, so it feels like we are on holiday already. When we come back from France we will be picking up our motorhome to start our adventure. Our plan is to spend a year or two  touring Europe but we will be returning home on a regular basis to see family and friends.

Our empty house on our last day

Our temporary home has minimal kitchen facilities; just a  kettle, fridge and a microwave so we have been eating out most nights at some of our favourite restaurants including one we visited for the first time – The Ox Club in Leeds, which I can highly recommend. This has given us chance to meet up with friends , family and neighbours before we leave the area although we will be returning on a regular basis. We’ve also eaten at The Agora in Horsforth , which we love and tomorrow night we are trying La Cour in Horsforth for the first time.

Living in this Airbnb accommodation is also getting us used to living in a smaller space, after all living in a motorhome is going to  be a really tight squeeze!

In the next couple of weeks we intend to whittle our belongings down even further because I’m getting a little worried that we still have too much ‘stuff’ to fit in our motorhome.

Some people have wished us a “happy retirement” but I don’t see it as retirement. I intend to be busier than ever exploring new places, writing travel blog articles, taking photos and making video’s of our travels. I have told my ex-colleagues in the travel and tourism department of Leeds City College that I see it as extended CPD!

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